If mold is present inside of a property, it can quickly turn into a huge hassle for those who own the building. Unfortunately, young children and aging people are more likely to suffer from some of the most serious medical conditions that can occur when someone is exposed to way too much mold. When living in a home with mold, you may notice you have trouble breathing and even possibly suffer from chronic migraines. Instead of continuing to deal with this toxic problem, it is best to have a restoration company take on the job of eliminating it all from the property.

Orlando Florida Restoration Pro is a professional company offering convenient mold removal services for homeowners as well as those who own commercial properties in Orlando. Our technicians have tons of experience and are always acting quickly to treat the problem because they understand how dangerous it is to constantly get exposed to something so toxic.

When you choose to work with our company, you can expect to get a response from us in less than an hour because your call is important and urgent. The technicians can do a full inspection before working on the remediation process. The inspection gives them a chance to see if the problem is severe or not.

Getting Rid of the Mold

Our main focus is to complete an inspection within a short amount of time. We realize the urgency of your call which is why we will get to you as fast as we can to perform the inspection and then discuss the removal options. In fact, we can even offer more in-depth details about the types of mold growing inside of the building by completing a few different tests.

After a complete inspection, we will know which rooms inside the building currently have the most problems. We will then focus on sectioning off those areas from the rest of the property to keep the toxic air from spreading all around. It is an action that must get completed as fast as possible to protect other parts of the building from the toxic fumes.

The Negative Impact It Has on Your Health

Many people do not understand how dangerous it is to get exposed to mold, especially for extended periods. Those living in homes or working in buildings with this problem tend to feel sick and sluggish more often. These are a few of the symptoms someone might experience when exposed to mold:

-Chronic Asthma


-Ear Infections



The symptoms each person experiences will vary. Some people, especially infants and senior citizens, tend to experience the worst of the symptoms because they are more susceptible to different types of infections. Women who are pregnant may also suffer from multiple symptoms as a result of exposure.

The Process of Removing Mold

There are a few steps designed to make the removal process as simple as possible. The first step involves cleaning out the area and getting rid of any excess water that could cause the problem to get even worse.  Checking for leaks is an essential part of the cleanup process. If there are any leaking pipes inside the property, they must get repaired to prevent the water from seeping out and causing more mold to grow in the future.

It is easy for mold to spread from one room to another, so sectioning off each room is the best decision to make. It gives the professionals time to clean one spot at a time. A large fan is often placed near an air source, such as a large window or even an entry door. The large fan helps to get the air circulating around the property while eliminating the moisture.

It may sound unusual, but there are times when the professionals will need to use water to help with the removal process. If the mold is quite old and has been inside of a building for many months, it may be extremely dry, making it that much more difficult to remove without getting it a bit damp beforehand. Once it is slightly damp, the professionals will work on sterilizing and extracting it before they start cleaning out the room.

Disposing It the Right Way

As soon as the mold gets removed from a property, it is necessary to dispose of it correctly. Instead of just placing it inside a trashcan where it has the potential to thrive, the professionals will put all of it into sealed containers so nobody else gets exposed to it. The containers are always removed from the property and disposed of correctly.

Those who live in the Orlando, Florida area and are having this problem should seek help from our skilled experts. It is the best way to make sure the air inside the home is toxic-free again.