Water Damage Repair in Orlando

flood in orlando neighborhood

One of the main disasters affecting residential and commercial properties in the USA is water damage. For the Orlando area the most common causes for water damage Orlando is severe flooding. Modern statistics show that in any given year there is a 1% chance of a 100-year weather flood, which in 2012 lead to almost $8 billion in insurance claims for flood damage. Orlando water damage restoration specializes in incidences like burst water pipes, floodwater and many other causes.

Building structures and the contents can be permanently ruined by water and ignoring signs like shifting walls and swelling or cracking of foundations can lead to serious problems with electrical wiring, which will only increase the hardship and repair bill. Abnormal amounts of water on floors or in places you would not expect should not just be just mopped up. The underlying issues can cause a business to shut down for long periods of time, or force people to move out of a house to rectify the cause. Such disruptions can result in situations where a business can struggle to survive and a family finds themselves without a home.

Any type of water damage encountered in the Orlando, FL area should be immediately seen to by a professional expert in the water damage cleanup Orlando restoration industry. At Orlando Restoration Pro our team consists of highly trained and experienced staff. Our expert teams go through a proven step by step process for rectifying your problem and getting you back into your property. This process has been proven efficient for many years and results in the fastest turnaround times to get people back into their homes or businesses.

Follow these steps if you find yourself in a water damage situation.

Removal of Standing Water

Pools of water in places you would not expect are one of the first signs of water damage. Our service teams are equipped with all the tools needed to get rid of standing water quickly and effectively, with access to water pumps available in all sizes to accommodate different levels of flooding. With the technology we use we are able to extract all the water even from below floors and in carpets.

Post Drying

In order to reduce the permanent damage and loss of property we can also provide services that extend beyond just draining the water. Dampness below floors, tiles and carpets can quickly lead to mold, which is harmful to your health. We can remove all flooring to ensure that all areas of a building are fully dried out. Our main concern is to salvage as much as possible to reuse in the refurbishment process, but anything that cannot be salvaged will require replacement.

Restoring Personal Belongings

Both homes and commercial properties are often used to store personal and business documents, and many Orlando residents have many such documents in storage. Because water damage happens at unforeseen times and in extreme situations they can result in total loss of machinery, equipment, furniture and documents. Some items can be replaced, but documents require special attention and we can help to restore them as close as possible to original.

Home Safety

Water and dampness will eventually attract mildew, bacteria and mold, which can all be very harmful to human health and well-being. One of our top concerns is to ensure that your health is not adversely affected, which is why we remove all particles from the air and rectify all problem areas that can lead to health hazards in weeks or months to come. Your family’s safety is the most important factor in the whole process.

Restoration of Water Damaged Property

Orlando Restoration Pro has years of experience and a proven process with extremely high success rates. In the terrible situation you find yourself in you need a partner you can trust. Any amount of unwanted water, if left untreated, can lead to significant destruction, including structural problems that cause serious safety risks. And the faults it causes can mean permanent damage.

By partnering with Orlando Restoration Pro you will enjoy certain benefits as part of our repair and restoration process:


Our name and reputation has been built over years and all our customers have complimented our reliability. Once we start a job, we see it through to full completion with our professional and ethical standards at the forefront of everything we do. Helping our customers through a difficult time is how we ensure the hardship is kept to a minimum, which means that we do our utmost best in every single task. Returning you and your property to the state it was immediately prior to the flooding occurring is how we ensure full satisfaction in every possible situation.

Servicing the Orlando Area

Experiencing the service, you need most when you most need it is how you can measure satisfaction. Time is of the essence in water damage situations so any delays have to be kept to a minimum. Every situation is treated as serious by our team at Orlando Restoration Pro and we are fully aware that all types of flooding are emergency situations that require immediate attention and action. With a 24 hours’ service team we can react professionally at any time of day and we do not waste any time planning how to solve your problem. Within minutes we can assess the source of the problem and our business processes take over to get your problems solved as quickly as possible.

Professional Certification

As a registered and fully certified company, Orlando Restoration Pros are always striving for excellence and improvement in processes to ensure that you always enjoy excellent service with our dedicated response teams. As technologies and processes evolve we make sure that we use the newest ones available to make your restoration job a full success.

Satisfied Customers

Because all our staff are fully trained and have years of experience they are able to handle all situation with high tech equipment and tools. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed by industry leading tools and processes that cannot be rivaled. Our aim is not just to complete a job, but also to complete it to the highest possible standards. We do not stop unless you are fully satisfied with the work we have completed and will return as many times as necessary. Your welfare and satisfaction is what our team look out for most and team members take pride in being able to help people in dire situations. Every environment we work in is different and we fully respect our customers’ circumstances. Noise is always kept to a minimum and we make arrangements for any noisy processes to be timed with your feedback. This ensures low levels of home and business disruption to our customers.

If you are in a situation that requires an Orlando water damage repair professional and you want to make sure that your problem is dealt with in the best possible way, then give us a call at 407-641-2206 any time of day no matter how severe the problem is.